Tuesday, 17 January 2017

True love

I have seen a true love,
when he looked into her eyes
I have seen a true love,
when he captured her smile in his heart and does everything for it
I have seen a true love,
when he had traveled miles just to hold her hand
I have seen a true love,
when he stood by her 
I have seen a true love,
when he kept listening to her silly talks 
I have seen a true love,
when he had sleepless nights just to see her lying like a baby 
I have seen a true love,
when he bowed his head in front of his princess
I have seen a true love,
when he found himself in her
I have seen a true love,
when his arms reach out for her
I have seen a true love,
when he still cares her ,even if she got married to someone else.
I have seen and I'm still seeing it 
 Dedicated to one who truly loved her

Suicide?! you are here for a reason.

Do you know how it feels like, when you set a person as your priority and that person acts like you are his priority but you are not, when friends whom you trust blindly and they cheat you. Ask me I'll tell you, it really sucks. He said, he loves me. He said, I'm his princess. He said, I'm the only one. He even said the same to her.
He is a good motivator, yes, he motivated me to end my life. He is a good inspiration, yes, he inspired me to leave everything behind and run behind unwanted things.He made me realize many things that i haven't known before. I never knew that falling sick is a big crime unless until he met me. 
I didn't even knew why I was with him and what I was trying to do with my life. He was the only person gave me a hope to live and lose that hope.
And I decided to end my life. Made sure that no one is around me and started cutting my hand with blade and blood started oozing out of those cuts but that didn't hurt me but the pain within is more hurting then the wound. I kept trying for almost 3 days continuously to end my life. But it never worked. Every attempt left me with scars or a little pain within my body but never healed the pain hidden in me. Even after all this,  he words got more worse then ever. Tears kept running down by my cheeks unknowingly and then started a battle within me, a million questions kept running in my mind. Then I became a tough one like ever before. And it's done. Our path got separated. His thoughts kept haunting me. It took me so long to get normal again.And I am strong now because I realized that I have a lot to do and God has sent me for a reason but not to end my life for any stupid person.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Dear Teen

Knocked me down a few times, It showed me things I never wanted to see. I  experienced sadness and                                failures but one thing for sure I ALWAYS GET UP.    

                                                                             You might be thinking what would a teenager have as a problem other than her ranks and friends. You are absolutely wrong. There are  million things that run in her mind and a billion disturbs her everyday. She smiles, it doesn't mean that she is happy but she is strong enough to control her emotions and never cared to advertise her feelings. 

You might be a teen, my words seem to be matching to your situation. There may be many who is trying to bring you down and stopping from doing something.
Your life is messy? confused? 

don't give up you have lot to do ,see and hear 
My dear friend , This is the right time to start again. Come on give yourself an another chance it's never to late to start again..

Focus on what you love.Just don't give yourself an excuse. Excuses are for losers but you are not one of them.
You are a champion 
Believe in yourselves and this world will be the right place for you

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Life is a Journey With 

Problems To Solve,

Lessons To Learn,

But Most Of All

experiences to learn and enjoy....

Here is the story 

My Journey